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Dry-Loop DSL Pricing

Laurel DSL has a full range of service plans available for both residential Dry-Loop DSL from Laurel DSLand business customers. We also offer Standalone, Dry Loop or Naked DSL, which allows people with no landline telephone service to receive DSL service. Even if you already have Verizon DSL service, you can switch to us as your ISP*.

The prices listed below are shown as an example of the range of speeds available. You can get a discount for selecting a 12 month contract instead of a month-to-month plan. 12 month plans include price guarantees during the 12 month term. Service activation is typically 7-14 days from the time you submit the order.

To get a listing of plans available for your specific needs, use our convenient pre-qualification form at the right side of this page. By putting your address into this form, you can see if DSL service is available at your location. If it is, you will be shown a list of available speed and pricing plans complete with any fees or additional costs. You can then choose a plan and sign up for service. If you need a DSL modem, you can purchase one from us at that time as well. You may use the pre-qualification form to sign up for our services online. You can also sign up over the phone.

12 Month Contract
Starting as low as:
Month to Month
These prices are based on the Verizon service area. Other areas may be different.
Use the pre-qualification form to get the exact price for your area.

*Prices shown may be subject to activation and/or early termination fees, depending on the plan chosen. Annual plans have price guarantees during the 12 month period and a $99 early termination fee. DSL modem is required for service. Modem can be purchased from Laurel DSL, or you can use your own DSL modem, if it is compatible with our system. All fees are shown during the sign-up process which begins with the Pre-qualification form (not currently shown). All plans are paid in advance monthly by automatic credit card charges. When changing service from an existing provider to us, early termination fees may apply from your existing DSL provider.


We are not currently accepting new orders for DSL service.